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Krystel Finley
CEO & Co-Founder
Brief Homes   |   Miami, FL

Company Story
Founded in Miami, Florida, Brief Homes bridges the gap between hotels and short term rentals with unique vacation rental spaces. Krys’ company provides curated cultural and community experiences that celebrate the diversity of South Florida.

“This grant will help cover costs … to narrow the financial gap due to the impact of Covid-19.“

Beth Gadbois
The Body Lounge   |   Stowe,  VT

Company Story
Located in Stowe, Vermont, The Body Lounge is a natural bath and body shop that balances upscale style with a colorful, fun vibe. Since opening in 2005, its in-house brand has garnered a loyal following and is now offered in nearly 200 stores throughout the Northeast.

“This grant will help us keep the lights on, literally and figuratively. We are able to breathe easier.“

Melody Li
Austin Counseling Collective   |   Austin, TX

Company Story
Fueled by her passion to bring mental health care to the underserved, Melody co-founded Austin Counseling Collective in Austin, Texas. This boldly inclusive group therapy community is committed to its mission of "Embracing Diversity" for people of color, LGBTQ+ communities, those with disabilities, low-income populations and other marginalized groups.

“This grant will be allocated towards increasing … access for marginalized communities during COVID … to extend care to the most underserved.”

Kate Gonzalez
Global Café   |   Lawrence, KS

Company Story
With a penny and a dream, Kate Gonzalez opened the Global Cafe in her hometown of Lawrence, Kansas. She and her staff infuse their Midwestern, New Mexican and Venezuelan heritage into their unique cuisine, serving up fresh, healthy, locally-sourced foods for the community.

“This grant will provide funding for equipment, materials … and expand our free community meals program to help address the problem of food insecurity in our community.”

Merin Guthrie
Founder & CEO
Kit   |   Houston, TX

Company Story
As the antidote to standard sizing and throwaway fashion, Kit is a clothing company based in Houston, Texas. Kit is built to serve women looking for high-quality clothing in breathable fabrics that provide a graceful fit. During Covid 19, Kit is pivoting in-house production to deliver reusable cloth masks.

“The Hello Alice grant gives us the extraordinary opportunity of financial breathing room; Nearly all … will go towards payroll expense.”

Russell Jackson
Owner & Chef
Reverence   |   New York, NY

Company Story
A seminal figure in San Francisco’s underground dining scene, influential chef-owner Russell Jackson (Bravo TV’s “Going Off the Menu”) came to NY in 2019 and established Reverence. This is his fine-dining destination in Harlem, where patrons can explore the flavors of Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

“We’ll use this grant for staff training, PPE … and bundling some past due bills. This will help us prepare for what's next.”

Jessica Minnick
Not Sorry Apparel   |   Detroit, MI

Company Story
Established in Detroit, Michigan, Not Sorry Apparel is an ecofriendly lifestyle brand created to combat the growing fast fashion problem. By re-constructing vintage and upcycling preloved garments, they provide unique, sustainable and affordable pieces customers can feel good about wearing.

“We’re using the grant to cover rent and monthly expenses, bring back part-time staff and purchase equipment to expand manufacturing to include PPE.”

Jessica Sotelo
Symphony Strings Music Co.   |   El Paso, TX

Company Story
Symphony Strings Music Co. is the first locally owned stringed instrument shop in El Paso, Texas. This is a wife and husband operation that specializes in violin, viola and cello. It was established to help local students, parents and teachers find quality instruments and knowledge.

“This grant will enable us to pay employee salaries and rent for the next few months, as well as purchase supplies to provide a safe environment for our staff and customers.”

Adrienne Stewart-Gordon
Managing Member
Pound Cake Society   |   Los Angeles, CA

Company Story
Pound Cake Society is a Los Angeles based apparel company co-founded by Adrienne Gordon. The company’s luxury sleep/loungewear collection was scheduled for a Spring 2020 debut at Nordstrom.com. Now they’ve pivoted their business and retooled to produce PPE face masks for health-care workers.

“This grant will greatly assist … with marketing, e-commerce, and social media platforms … as we adapt into a different business model.”

Stanella Victor
Fix My Repairs   |   Atlanta, GA

Company Story
In 2015, Haitian-American entrepreneur Stella Victor saw a need for quality handiwork in the Metro Atlanta area. So she joined forces with a handyman friend to form a skilled trades company, Fix My Repairs. Her business provides training, mentorship and employment opportunities for young adults, minorities and women in the construction industry.

“This grant will help my business survive COVID-19 by providing funds for upgrades … overhead costs and … lost wage compensation to my workers.”

Round 6 Grant Recipients

Elorm Ahiamadjie
AYEA LLC   |   Dover, DE

Company Story
Delaware Limo was conceived from the decades of experience in the transportation industry shared by Elorm and his father George. After saving earnings from driving a taxi alongside his father, Elorm was able to purchase his first luxury black car and provided first-class service throughout Delaware. They since evolved the company into a lasting brand for luxury transportation in Delaware.

“This grant will allow us to pivot to meet new demands. This includes acting as couriers for essential supplies and offering affordable private shuttles.”

Wendy Archer
President & CEO
Groshell Logistics   |   Brandywine, MD

Company Story
Ms. Archer started Groshell Logistics in 2017 in memory of her father. She wanted to expand on the offerings of the family business adding move management and warehouse fulfillment. She has transported buses from Turkey to Orlando, Fl, shipped construction equipment to Puerto Rico and currently works with one of the nation's defense contractors shipping satellite's components.

"This grant will help us continue to pivot during the COVID-19 and manufacture face masks.”

Tracie Battle
Smile Center of Huntsville   |   Huntsville, AI

Company Story
Seeing the need of the population in the area of the practice and the need for diverse opportunity healthcare and employment, Dr. Battle started Smile Center of Huntsville to provide quality dental care and employment opportunities. Smile Center also provides mentorship and learning opportunities.

“This grant from ALICE will help me and my business survive COVID-19. I will be able to keep all of my employees by meeting payroll needs.”

Lisselly Brito
Founder, Executive Chef
Hand Crafted Catering + Events   |   New Rochelle, NY

Company Story
Hand Crafted was started as a labor of love for local, sustainable ingredients and the powerful impact it has on the community and its individuals. The company began with curated small dinners and has grown into corporate holiday events, Corporate executive dinners, mixers, private in-home events, and everything in between.

“This grant will be used to help keep our operations running in order to continue to provide food to essential workers and front line workers.”

Daunya Byrd
Altons Old School Barbershop   |   Dallas, TX

Company Story
Altons Barbershop is committed to excellence, serving their community by providing a full selection of cuts and shaves. They also serve the barber industry by offering education through the shop.

“We plan on marketing and doing online promotions with the grant.”

Duane Chan-Shue 
NBHD Brulee   |   New York, NY

Company Story
Located in the heart of Harlem, NBHD Brulee is Harlem’s finest new coffee shop priding themselves in uncompromising quality by sourcing ingredients from local suppliers to provide the freshest, highest quality offerings. NBHD Brulee offers a variety of coffees and teas served in a beautiful vintage setting.

“This grant will help me restock inventory and begin my resurgence in the community earlier and with more confidence.”

Joseph Coppola 
VeloConcepts   |   Culpeper, VA

Company Story
In 2014, Mr. Coppola launched VeloConcepts to bring his love & passion for the bike to Culpeper.  Coupled with his over 30 years experience as a fitter, VeloConcepts has quickly become the go-to bike fitter in the Mid Atlantic region, fostering a community of local cyclists.

“This grant helps our business grow and adapt to the changing business climate.”

Kathy Cox 
The Little Mustard Seed   |   New Baltimore, MI

Company Story
For founder Kathy Cox, starting The Little Mustard Seed was an extension of her “organic” lifestyle, allowing others to experience her passion for healthy living. She serves fresh, healthy, and allergen-sensitive food to her community in New Baltimore, Michigan.

This grant will help my business to keep feeding people healthy food in my community, including those who have allergies or limited access to healthy food.”

Erick Demgen
52eighty Distilling   |   Littleton, CO

Company Story
After becoming complacent and weighed down with the mundane world of finance, founder Erick Demgen decided to start 52eighty Distilling with his brother. 52eighty Distilling uses innovative distilling techniques, locally-sourced ingredients, and crisp Rocky Mountain water to produce the highest quality distilled spirits. 

“We plan to use the grant to rehire all our bartenders, and we also hope to donate more hand sanitizer to our local emergency responders.”

Jennifer Diana 
JLD-Studios   |   Portland, OR

Company Story
Started eight years ago, JLD-Studios is now a full-service US Clothing Manufacturer and Development Resource for brands of all sizes. The foundation was built on a commitment to customers in quality, speed, and communication. Most recently they’ve turned this focus toward mask making, and look forward to a post-COVID-19 world and reintegrating all of their services.

"This grant is providing cash flow while we pivot to making masks; costs for machinery, materials, and time to train employees in new processes.”

William Fields
Anime Imports   |   Pacifica, CA

Company Story
William Fields opened Anime Imports in 2001, and has been selling Japanese anime, video games, and card games to dedicated members of the community. Since then, they’ve expanded to include American and European comic offerings. Their most recent expansion was to start offering Escape rooms for team building and fun, adding a new dimension to the business.

“This grant will greatly help us maintain staff, pay bills, and make some changes for customer, and employee safety.”

Chloe’ Floyd
Pyramid Grocery   |   Atlanta, GA

Company Story
Chloe’ Floyd founded Pyramid Grocery after realizing a need for fresh produce in Pittsburgh communities. Pyramid Grocery strives to increase the availability of these healthy groceries, especially for communities who lack transportation and/or have physical disabilities that hinder their trips to visit other food markets miles away.

This grant will allow “Pyramid to GRO & GO with our new delivery services.”

Daniel Foust and Daniel Joseph
FoJo Beans, LLC   |   Hamilton, NY

Company Story
FoJo Beans started in a garage in 2012 as a Veteran-Owned, artisan, coffee roasting business. Part of the local food movement, FoJo Beans established a reputation at central NY farmer markets by providing specialty-graded, fairly traded, and earth-friendly coffee beans.

“This grant is allowing FoJo Beans to continue supporting our local community by staying open until there is comfort in returning to our social gathering spot.”

Dalena Huynh
Limited Partner
Nail'd It! Spa   |   Stanton, CA

Company Story
Dalena Huynh opened her own nail salon in the hopes of providing a space for manicurists to work together as a whole unit. The manicurists at her shop have been working together for over 10 years and have more than 60 years of combined experience. By fostering a sense of community within the salon, Nail’d It! Spa is so much more than just a salon, it is a family.

"This grant will help us rehire some of our manicurists that have been financially struggling since this pandemic.”

Tanesha Lambert
Co-Owner & Center Administrator 
MKH Early Education Center   |   Aurora, IL

Company Story
MKH Early Education Center supports the whole family in a unique partnership, making sure each child is given the best start, socially, emotionally, and academically. This creates balance in the lives of our families as parents know they can pursue professional goals, guilt-free.

“This grant helps us continue to pay our Teachers and finance the costs for eLearning while we wait for the go ahead to reopen the center.”

Christina Perla
Co-Founder & CEO 
Makelab   |   Brooklyn, NY

Company Story
Founded by two Pratt industrial design alumni with a passion of making, Makelab strives to free creativity from the messy and technical hassle of maintaining a 3D printing schedule. CEO Christina Perla fosters a community of like-minded, motivated, and passionate people to share a common interest: to create.

“This grant helps give us time to think about what our new normal looks like and keep producing PPE at-cost or donated!”

Christopher Phang
Harlem Pediatric Associates   |   Harlem Pediatric

Company Story
Stemming from a sense of responsibility, Christopher Phang founded Harlem Pediatric Associates to serve his community. Harlem Pediatric Associates was founded in May 2006 to provide access to high-quality pediatric medical care for children living in Central and East Harlem.

“This grant will provide funds to purchase the required personal protective equipment (PPE), and hand sanitizing and cleaning agents.”

Martha Redbone
Blackfeet Productions LLC   |   Brooklyn, NY

Company Story
BlackFeet is a multi-faceted music production imprint founded by Martha Redbone and Aaron Whitby in 1999. They compose, write, produce, perform, release and license music worldwide. BlackFeet also writes and performs music for radio, TV and theater. Cultural preservation is fundamental to the creative ethos at BlackFeet as they partner with arts organizations and offer educational workshops and residencies nationwide.

“The Business for All grant is essential to our survival while we recover from our unexpected drastic loss of income overnight.”

Crystal Ross
CEO & Owner
Kids and Adults Therapy Services   |   Katy, Texas

Company Story
Kids and Adults Therapy Services is a small private practice in a clinical setting that offers specialized 1:1 therapy interventions. Speech therapy is provided to individuals of all ages with medical diagnosis such as Parkinson's disease, Dementia, stroke & brain injury, swallow difficulty, vocal cord injury, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and speech communications disorders, to name a few. They also offer a VIP service in Speech Therapy Management.

“I plan to use this grant for employees' salaries and lease rental of a building that will allow larger space for therapy interventions and employees.”

Desiree Santiago
Sway’D StyleLounge   |   Birmingham, MI

Company Story
Sway'D StyleLounge encompasses a concierge as well as an environment that allows clients to stay on task while indulging in self-care. Being a single mother and serial entrepreneur, founder Desiree Santiago understands the true value of time and the need for self-care and getting things done. So, why not do It ALL at the same time?

“With the assistance of HelloAlice and this grant, Sway'd has the opportunity to learn from this hardship, pivot and grow.”

Annabelle Santos
CEO & Founder
Spadet Corporation   |   New York, NY

Company Story
Spadet manufactures pure, safe, and all-natural beauty and wellness products using their olive soap or olive glycerin as special ingredients. They utilize a special blend of locally-sourced extra virgin olive oil that undergoes their special cold-process to retain nourishing properties, helping communities who suffer from skin sensitivities.

“When life gives you Covid-19, make Hand Sanitizer. With the Hello Alice grant, I will not only survive, I will expand.”

Alvin Shen 
Best Coast Burritos   |   Emeryville, CA

Company Story
Best Coast Burritos was inspired by California, and their menu is a love letter to some of the most classic Mexican Taquerias you will find scattered along the west coast from SD to SF. Best Coast Burritos is your northern California home of the California Burrito, a burrito loaded with fries, meat, guacamole, cheese, sour cream, and salsa.

“This grant is a lifeline directly to our business, our staff and allows us resources to reinvest in our restaurant.”

Andrew Shepard
Oceans Car Wash   |   Lewisville, TX

Company Story
Oceans Car Wash is an express and full-service car wash serving Lewisville, Texas, and the surrounding areas.

“This grant will allow me to introduce new products/services, update on-site marketing, increase SEO marketing, run a direct mail marketing campaign.”

Shannon Sullivan
Autism Community Store   |   Aurora, CO

Company Story
The Autism Community Store was a dream that grew from Co-FOunder Shannon Sullivan’s family struggles and joys caring for a young child with autism. Upon founding the Autism Community Store in 2007, it became the first store in the country to specialize in products for individuals on the autism spectrum.

“This grant will help fund our efforts to adapt our sales and community support to the new coronavirus reality.”

Jennifer Szakaly 
Caregiving Corner   |   Charlotte, NC

Company Story
Caregiving Corner was founded with the idea that caregiving could be made easier for families if everyone had access to a healthcare navigator to help them understand the long-term care system. Based in Charlotte NC, Caregiving Corner has been working with communities of aging and disabled adults to bring them peace of mind.

“This grant will allow us to help some seniors who do not have the ability to pay for their basic needs and essential supplies for living during COVID-19.”

Lila Teunissen and Michelle Thomsen
Bed N Biscuit Ranch   |   Bismarck, ND

Company Story
Founders Lila Teunissen and Michelle Thomsen started with their experience volunteering with local animal rescues. They transferred this passion for animal specialty care into their business, Bed N Biscuit Ranch where they offer a premium selection of care and grooming services for pets.

“This grant will cover our payroll expenses for 6 weeks.”

Christopher Wright
CEO & Founder   |   Charlotte, NC

Company Story
For founder Christopher Wright, Whystle started as the answer to a personal problem: a messy apartment with no time to clean it. He started Whystle with the ideal that scheduling your home cleaning should be as easy as ordering an Uber. Today, Whystle provides transparent prices, no contracts and easy access through a mobile app that allows people to clean less and live more.

“This grant will be used to help our people get back to work, to help more businesses get opened up safely, and to help spread awareness!”

Jenny DuFresne 
DuFresne Solutions Group   |   Austin, TX

Company Story
DuFresne Solutions Group is a leadership development and training firm serving clients in the commercial, nonprofit, and government sectors. As a result of working with the firm, mid-level managers build great teams, reduce employee turnover, and build vibrant and happy company culture.

“The Business for All Grant allows us to make crucial investments to pivot our business and deploy new digital training content to create predictable revenue.”

Yoli Casas
ViVe Wellness   |   Lakewood, CO

Company Story
ViVe’s mission is to build wellness for families in communities of need through education, empowerment and physical activity. ViVe’s strategy is to create health equity by offering these programs in communities of need, in collaboration with local schools & organizations. 

"This grant will help us make all necessary changes so we can provide virtual programs,  education to our staff in using new technology as well as continue to employ our staff."

Dalila Bernal
Mi Escuelita Spanish Immersion Preschool and After School Inc.   |   Menlo Park, CA

Company Story
Mi Escuelita Spanish Immersion Preschool is a dream that came true. Opened in 2008 just months before the reall estate crisis that impacted the US economy for several years, Dalila was able to navigate through the crisis and come out stronger. 12 years later, Mi Escuelita has become a reference of a high-quality preschool language program in the Silicon Valley.

"This grant will help us to support the necessary modification our facility require to safely reopen for in-person child care and education in the post COVID-19 era."

Okah Anyokwu, MD
Avant Behavioral Consultants   |   Atlanta, GA

Company Story
Avant Interventional Psychiatry is an outpatient private practice located in Atlanta, GA. Their teams of inter-disciplinary providers also provide psychiatric services to hospitals, nursing facilities, and other healthcare partners. 

"We will be using this grant to directly assist patients who have been unable to pay for their treatments due to loss of income and insurance coverage. This will allow patients to continue to seek treatment during this difficult time. "

Mabrico Johnson
DrugChek   |   Palestine, TX

Company Story
Mabrico Johnson started DrugChek as a side business, then transitioned to spending more time on his passion project. Johnson responded to the need for a professional company that could help companies and HR Managers in the on-boarding of new staff by assisting them in the employment and retention process. 

"This grant will give the flexibility to consider plans for inventory, equipment, and staff respectively. An opportunity to pivot in a positive direction."

Diauna Tyson 
The Cute Shuttle LLC   |   Atlanta, GA

Company Story
The Cute Shuttle is a transportation service designed to transport commuters. Their mission is to provide short-distance transportation using eco-friendly vehicles for residents and visitors during daily commuting, concerts, festivals, and special events.

"This grant will help contribute to our mission of transporting as many families and individuals to resourceful organizations within their community using safe, efficient, and reliable transportation."

Round 2 Grant Recipients

Bridgette Baker
Sunshine Remodeling    |    New Orleans, LA

Company Story
With a portfolio of one multi-family unit and one single-family home, Bridgette Baker’s Sunshine Remodeling is a labor of love. After repairing her credit, she was in a good position to purchase a rental property that needed a little Tender Loving Care. Her husband is the brawns, and Baker is the brains in this venture. Sunshine Remodeling is on a mission to frugally transform rental property as a path to create generational wealth.

"This grant will be used to pay out the credit card that was used to purchase an AC system that crashed.”

Pamela Blair
EyeSeeMe African American Children's Bookstore   |   University City, MO

Company Story
The EyeSeeMe African American Children’s Bookstore opened its doors on Juneteenth 2015 in response to the owner’s difficulty finding books that featured African Americans heroes for her four children. With the help of the St. Louis community, the store has grown year over year and has been able to reach and enhance the lives of more children all the time.

“We will use the grant to help us sustain our location, bring back our staff, and prepare for our reopening once the quarantine is over.”

Nicole Christie
The Christie Law Firm   |   Hartford, CT

Company Story
The Christie Law Firm provides legal services that place children at the center of its focus. The practice believes that parents have the most significant impact on their children's lives; therefore, if they help the parent, they help the child. The end result is a healthier family. 

"This grant gives me the confidence and time to explore how to grow this firm further and to serve families with more exceptional skills, experience, and care.”

Michael Cook 
Owner / Director
Tempe Dance West   |   Pheonix, AZ

Company Story
Tempe Dance West believes in nurturing the talent of each individual student as they explore movement and music. The studio’s teaching philosophy is centered on instilling a passion for dance, while also building self-esteem and confidence in every child. The students’ well-being is our number one priority; their capability is secondary.

“This grant will help me remain connected and supportive of our community, students, and families who have been changed by what we are going through together.”

Andrea Cosey  
Ray J's College of Hair   |   Baton Rouge, LA

Company Story
Operated by a husband and wife team, Ray J's College of Hair was founded in 1993 to help men and women reach and obtain their God-gifted talent. The business has grown to be recognized throughout the state as a school dedicated to supporting the community through free haircuts.

“This grant will be used to expand the distance learning program for the Barber Stylist program and students who have been affected by COVID-19.”

Christina Diaz  
Co-Owner and Vice President 
Affordable Rooter and More   |   Littleton, CO

Company Story
Affordable Rooter and More started out in 2005 cleaning grease traps and performing main line repairs for residential customers. By 2008, the business evolved to focus on a hydro-excavation process that cleans culverts, inlets, and valve boxes on state highway and roadway projects, primarily for the Colorado Department of Transportation.

“Thanks to this grant we can pay our rent, insurance, and other operating expenses to remain in business.”

Lemi-Ola Erinkitola 
Founder / CEO 
The Critical Thinking Child   |   Chicago, IL

Company Story
Founder and CEO Lemi-Ola Erinkitola once struggled to find reliable strategies she could use to support her own children in their academic growth. Today, The Critical Thinking Child equips parents with innovative teaching that helps them support their children in navigating academic success within our modern era of technology.

“We plan to shore up additional resources related to labor and training costs for academic tutors, technology costs for online components of remote learning, and the cost of material production for offline activities that further support learning.”

Emily Hazelwood
Blue Latitudes   |   La Jolla, CA

Company Story
: Blue Latitudes is a women-owned marine environmental consulting firm dedicated to seeking out opportunities for conservation at the intersection of industry and the environment. In 2018, Co-Founder Emily Hazelwood was listed on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for her efforts with Blue Latitudes to develop sustainable, creative, and cost-effective solutions for the environmental issues that surround the offshore oil and gas industry.

“We will use this grant to preserve our payroll and the benefits we offer to our employees during these challenging times.”

Hana Lewkow
Treehouse Tots Preschool   |   Culver City, CA

Company Story
Co-Founders Christi and Hana Lewkow took a leap of faith and opened a boutique nature-based preschool. Treehouse Tots started with two kiddos; within three months, they were completely full. The school continues to be rooted in a deep love for teaching kindness and compassion and embracing a multicultural classroom.

“We will use this grant to preserve our payroll and the benefits we offer to our employees during these challenging times.”

Freda Madison
Madison Enterprises   |   Chicago, IL

Company Story
In 2016, Freda and Kevin Madison created Madison Enterprises to revitalize and sustain Chicago’s South and West Side neighborhoods that have been distressed due to foreclosures. The family-owned business has so far rehabbed 20 units, creating a safe and affordable environment where residents can live, work, and play without going outside of their community.

"The COVID-19 Business for All Emergency Grant “will help us with payroll, utilities, and other operating expenses.”

Clifford McClain 
Construction Concepts and Designs   |   Charlotte, NC

Company Story
Construction Concepts and Design is a full-service licensed general contracting firm specializing in commercial and residential projects in Charlotte, NC.

"The COVID-19 Business for All Emergency Grant “provides funding that we can actually purchase the PPE items necessary to ensure the health of those that are in our employ."

Michelle Quezada
L.A. Boys Transport   |   Compton, CA

Company Story
Fully owned and operated by a 26-year-old mother of two, L.A. Boys Transport started in 2018 with two trucks and currently operates four box trucks in Southern California. The company is eager to grow and recently switched from operating dry freight to focus on the increasingly relevant refrigerator industry.

“Adapting to the new world with COVID-19 means having the proper protection for my drivers, for they are the most important part of my business, and making sure they have sanitizer, gloves when loading and unloading, and required masks.”

Amir Rahnama 
Brentwood Shipping and Mailbox   |    Brentwood, CA

Company Story
Founded in 1991, Brentwood Shipping and Mailbox has served the small but wonderful community of Brentwood, CA by providing essential and much-needed shipping services. Owner Amir Rahnama prides himself on treating customers with respect, honesty, and integrity and creating a family-like atmosphere with longtime customers.

“To name a few areas, this grant will help us pay some delayed bills, some operational expenses, and inventory purchases.”

Jorge Ramos
Barley Hospitality Group   |   Miami, FL

Company Story
Barley Hospitality is a story of family and perseverance. Following the financial devastation triggered by the 2008 market collapse, a father and son team ventured into a new industry hoping to bring the family back from financial brink. They shared a love for cooking and people that, combined with hard work, resulted in success. Today they are a neighborhood fixture that brings happiness and good memories to their customers.   

“This grant will allow us to reinvest in staff and inventory.”

Bruno Rose
President / CEO 
Pack Leaders ATL   |   Atlanta, GA

Company Story
Pack Leaders ATL was founded in 2017 by Bruno Rose and Patrick Kopp. After meeting many pet parents who didn’t like their experience with dog-walking gig apps, Bruno and Patrick decided to create a pet care company that focused on providing a personalized and professional experience for pet parents. 

“This grant will help us to retain our team and continue their education and training, so we are staffed and prepared after the pandemic.”

Fred Samora 
Samora's Lunch Wagon   |   Montevideo, MN

Company Story
For about a decade, Fred Samora’s Lunch Wagon typically would go out for the morning and noon breaks to factories and small businesses in Montevideo, MN. Then he was approached to supply food to the local hospital/clinic for their cafeteria. Today they operate at the clinic from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.with a small breakfast menu and a daily lunch special.

“This grant will be used to pay bills, purchase supplies, and re-hire my 3rd worker back.”

Monthiene Sundara
K&S Precision Cut Parts Manufacturing   |   Fort Worth, TX

Company Story
K & S Precision Cut Parts Mfg., LLC is a minority, woman-owned business founded in September 2004. Today, the machine shop provides CNC machining service to customers in the North Texas aerospace industry.

“I plan to use Business for All grant on payroll, other business expenses, and to support our local food bank.”

Robert Woods
The Business and Real Estate Investment Company   |   Minneapolis, MN

Company Story
With many phases over the years, Robert Woods’ business was at one point a development company with a licensed realtor, architects, engineers, and contractor relationships. Then the market collapsed, and the Business moved on to independent consulting. Finally, the company turned to agriculture and energy efficiency, where it focuses its efforts today.

“I plan to use the grant for personnel expenses, COVID-19 safeguards and upgrades, and equipment to minimize exposure.”

Round 3 Grant Recipients

Christina Angell 
Co-Founder / Owner
Root Cellar Foods    |    Belgrade, MT

Company Story
 Root Cellar Foods turns locally grown and organic vegetables into ingredients that both restaurants and retail consumers can use to prepare meals. Farmers do the planting, growing, and harvesting. Root Cellar does the washing, chopping, shredding, and slicing. A new online market increases the accessibility of local produce, as well as local meat, dairy, grains, and other value-added items to Montana’s Gallatin Valley community.

This money will be used to make sure all payroll costs are met and benefits can continue on through our business model change.”

Quashana Burney
Kingston Properties LLC    |    Biloxi, MS


Company Story
Kingston Properties is a property management company for long- and short-term residential rental properties. They also partner with Noelle Randall Coaching "Mentorship" to teach aspiring entrepreneurs how to obtain financial freedom, create generational wealth, and build a successful business from the foundation.

“Kingston Properties will … pay off debt incurred due to COVID and create a new sanitizing system to keep staff and our community safe and healthy.”

Darsha Carter
Co-Founder / COO
Melanoid Exchange    |    Houston, TX

Company Story
Many small, minority-owned businesses believe that having an online presence can help them, but can’t afford the maintenance fees of these platforms. Melanoid Exchange was born to serve this need. Melanoid Exchange is an e-commerce platform dedicated to helping small minority-owned businesses build an online presence by giving the general public a central place to shop from minority-owned brands.

“This grant will ... expand the technological capabilities of our software ... for the ... business owners who are trying to not just survive through a pandemic but thrive."

Brandi Glenn
Playtastic Pediatric Therapy Inc.     |    Los Angeles, CA

Company Story
Playtastic Pediatric Therapy provides therapeutic services including consultations, evaluations, treatments, workshops for families/teachers, center-based programs, and patient education, with the early intervention children ages 0-3 years of age. The business is run with passion, purpose, and a pure joy to empower families to better care for the needs of their disabled children.

"To ease the stress of my low-income family households, I plan to provide gift cards which will assist with purchasing therapy materials, toys, and workbooks for treatment sessions."

Megan Greenwood
Greenwood Brewing     |    Pheonix, AZ

Company Story
While Megan Greenwood was a homebrewer, she was also working in Corporate America and found that many of her most important conversations were over craft beer. However, she felt underrepresented as a woman in the craft beer scene. Turns out 72% of women-beer-drinkers agreed. Henceforth, the creation of Greenwood Brewing, where a team created a brewery to be inclusive and to promote a culture that encourages sharing your perspective and strong conversation over a chosen avenue — beer!

“We plan to purchase a Gosling canning line … in order to sell ‘to-go’ during COVID-19.”

Ariana Hall
On The Spot Solutions, Inc.     |    New Orleans, LA

Company Story
On the Spot Solutions is a small Latin female-owned and operated company founded in 2009 to offer residential cleaning and commercial cleaning services. By 2011, their offerings grew to include professional organizing services and property management services. Over the past year, it has started restructuring the cleaning side of the business into a business co-op model with the employees having direct ownership and profit-sharing.

“This grant gives me and my co-workers a lifeline at a time when we all took a huge hit.”

Christina Hedgepeth
Mainstream Plumbing Co.     |    Garner, NC

Company Story
Mainstream Plumbing offers residential and commercial plumbing to local residents and businesses in Garner, North Carolina. It offers mainstream repairs, installs, and maintains plumbing needs to churches, businesses, and homes, with a focus on giving back to the community by creating jobs and helping the elderly and disabled with their plumbing needs.

“Plans for this grant are to purchase supplies, secure jobs, and take care of necessary expenses.”

Patrick Hernandez
Done Right Roofing & Exteriors     |    Colorado Springs, CO

Company Story
Done Right Roofing & Exteriors is a full exteriors company offering roofing, siding, fences, painting, and more for commercial and residential locations. Owner and President Patrick Hernandez is a former union worker with more than 20 years of experience in the roofing industry.

“We will use this grant money to pay our necessary business insurances, payrolls, advertising, mortgages, and equipment loans.”

Alvin Huang
Founder / Principal 
Synthesis Design + Architecture     |    Los Angeles, CA

Company Story
Synthesis Design + Architecture is a forward-thinking and multi-award winning design firm led by Alvin Huang, AIA. It is based in Los Angeles with architectural licenses in California, Arizona, and Colorado. It specializes in producing innovative design work that not only challenges convention through technological, material, and computational innovation, but also work that purposefully enlivens the public imagination and makes a case for the role of innovative architecture in our contemporary creative design culture.

“We will use this grant to launch a new identity and website.”

Jonathan Jeong
Wonju Korean Restaurant     |    Roanoke, VA

Company Story
Wonju Korean Restaurant is a family-owned business serving traditional Korean food to the community members of Roanoke and beyond since 2011. The restaurant serves authentic Korean dishes such as bulgogi, kimchi stew, and bibimbap while offering customers a unique experience that awakens all five senses.

“With the COVID-19 Emergency Grant, we will continue payroll, relieve some of our business expenses, and promote our business on new platforms.”

Tamara Johnson
Founder / Owner
Enso Apothecary     |    Fort Worth, TX

Company Story
Enso Apothecary is a holistic wellness boutique that is passionate about optimizing one’s self-care routine for the body, mind, and spirit. It offers 100% natural vegan skincare products, yoga and meditation classes, and a host of wellness events to heal and empower one to become their best self. Enso Apothecary serves a minority community in the historic southeast side of Fort Worth, a demographic disproportionately affected by COVID-19.

“This grant will support payroll for our yoga instructors, improvements to the studio, … and inventory management.”

Jerry Koizumi & Brina Dorser
Hideaway Hilo     |    Hilo, HI

Company Story
Jerry Koizumi and Brina Dorser opened Hideaway Hilo in 2018 as an outlet to showcase all the amazing local artists and brands in Hawaii. One of the business’ core values is taking care of their employees. That includes paying them a livable wage, and the opportunity to be directly involved in the direction and future of the store.

“We plan to purchase additional inventory, and diversify our business model by building a stronger online presence.”

Stephanie LaFleur
Oregon Serigraphics     |    Roseburg, OR

Company Story
Oregon Serigraphics is the manifestation of a lifelong commitment to graphic arts and passion for creating. A successful design studio in 1992 led to AJ Snapper — a private line of eco-apparel designs — and later the storefront today known as ORS, with an interest in the greater community good. After five years of steady growth, Oregon Serigraphics is maturing toward the highest manifestation of good they can imagine. The company is rooted in using capitalism for good.

"This grant will be used for building our online and social media presence."

Lauren Marra
Founder / CEO
Groundwork Partners     |    Washington, D.C.

Company Story
Groundwork Partners is a social impact consulting consortium that works with partners to achieve racial, gender, and economic justice. As a small, nimble team led by and composed primarily of women and people of color, they help clients conduct R&D, create strategic plans, design and implement operating and grantmaking programs, facilitate effective board and team meetings, and execute effective fundraising plans.

“Groundwork will use this grant to build its web presence … and discount services for organizations working … to address the impacts of COVID-19 and systemic racism.”

Rachel Myers
StudioUS     |    Chicago, IL

Company Story
StudioUs is an art school and gallery serving the north Chicago area providing fine art instruction for students ages 4 to adult, with a focus on demystifying the process of drawing and painting. In addition to regular classes, StudioUs offers summer camps and day-off workshops priced to be accessible to all families in our community so that students in need of a place to go when school is out of session can enjoy our classes.

“We plan to use this grant to expand our advertising and community outreach, adapt our class structure, ... and recover from months of lost income during the shutdown.”

Jana Nealy
Salon Anaj     |    Dickinson, TX

Company Story
Nealy has been a hair stylist for almost 30 years and a business owner for almost 15. Salon Anaj offers hair and makeup service to people of all backgrounds and ethnicities. Services include blowouts, updos and styling, cut and color, and more.

“We not only can now pay outstanding debt incurred from our closure, but we can expand our … online presence to grow new avenues of revenue.”

Cynthia Nevels
Soulgood     |    Dallas, TX

Company Story
Soulgood is a B-Corporation, organic, vegan, and vegetarian food truck and catering company serving up plant-based fast food to go in Dallas, Texas. It launched as a pop-up kitchen in 2014 at the Dallas Farmers Market, and by 2016 it expanded to food truck services and catering that serves healthy food alternatives. Their mission is to save the planet, people, and animals one plate at a time.

“Soulgood will use the grant to cover costs for ingredients, fuel expenses, food truck upgrades, marketing to promote food giveaway, and payroll for staff.”

Nydia Perez-Salazar
Persal Property Improvements     |    Hollywood, FL

Company Story
Persal Property Improvements is a commercial and residential general contracting and construction company. The company has been providing quality services to South Florida families and businesses for almost two decades. Persal is Florida State Licensed and Certified and satisfied customers are the main line of advertisement as the owners rely primarily on word of mouth advertisement. 

“With this grant, we'll be able to invest in our company to branch out and create new and beautiful homes with our sole vision in mind.”

Juana E. Quintero
Lady Blue Tailors     |    Aventura, FL

Company Story
Lady Blue Tailors is a family-owned and operated custom tailoring and alterations business that has served the community for over 30 years. The four-person staff comes from families where sewing was taught through multiple generations as a means to support the families, educate the kids, and promote women's rights. Lady Blue Tailors is most proud of teaching young individuals interested in learning to sew and build a sustainable society.

“I plan to bring my staff back to work and pay the rent. In addition, I will implement new eco-friendly ideas.”

Chanae Reese
Succor Properties     |    Hazel Crest, IL

Company Story
With 35 apartments and plans to develop new properties, Succor Properties provides rentals to low-income tenants in a low-income community. Working through all of the steps involved and being able to deliver a great product in an underserved neighborhood gives the Succor team a sense of accomplishment. When they see people going into their new homes, they know they’re making a difference for not only the families but also the neighborhood.

“I plan to use this grant to pay my property manager who has continued to help me without being paid.”

Maria Ringler
Vice President
Ringler Landscape Design Co.     |    Loxahatchee, FL

Company Story
Ringler Landscape Design Co. offers design and installation services for all of Palm Beach County, including residential landscape design and installation, commercial landscape design and installation, and community and homeowners association landscape design and installation. They are passionate about landscaping and love the aspect of growing and installing plant materials that will have a lasting effect on the world and the environment.

“We will apply these funds to keep our employees with a full schedule and hours.”

Mario Rivas
KMR Entertainment     |    Loxahatchee, FL

Company Story
KMR Entertainment is a family-owned company with more than 30 years of experience in catering. Its clients include top 100 companies, Disney, USC, UCLA, UCI, Sony, Coachella, Stage Coach, Ford, Toyota, AARP, CAST, and more. The business was recently awarded Best Caterers 2020 in Los Angeles, and was recognized in 2019 as a Top Los Angeles Caterer.

“We will increase marketing outreach campaigns … that will be a solution in feeding these [frontline] workers.”

Aimee Suarez
Los Abuelos Felices     |    Homestead, FL

Company Story
Suarez operates an adult daycare in Homestead, FL with a troupe of bilingual professionals in the healthcare field. The daycare offers recreational activities, exercises, walks, and other ways for its senior residents to connect and move around. Guests can enjoy time in the game room, exercise room, library, outdoor patio, and more.

“The grant will be used to purchase protective gear, hire more staff, and maintain the highest safety standards for all in our care.”

Jennifer Todd
LMS General Contractors     |    Pompano Beach, FL

Company Story
Established in 2013, LMS General Contractors is a woman-owned and operated environmental contracting business that operates across the country. It specializes in full structural demolitions, remediations, remodels, and environmental services that treat asbestos, infectious diseases, hazardous material, and mold. LMS standards are based on and include the CDC, EPA, and OSHA-approved

“This grant will help LMS ... pivot … to include COVID-19 disinfection and sanitization services … to cost effectively order materials and keep our employees working.”

Valencia Wells
Owner / Optometrist
Morris Avenue Eyecare     |    Birmingham, AL

Company Story
Morris Avenue Eyecare is an optometry practice that places an exceptional priority on the health and safety of its patient's vision. The mission is to provide each patient with very thorough, comprehensive eye care and unique, quality eyewear. The team takes pride in the fact that patients tell them they feel loved and well taken care of like they are members of the Morris Avenue Eyecare family.

“The grant will help me pay payroll and my fixed monthly payments to keep the business operational.”

Jamie Whirl
Classy Cleanup Services     |    Chicago, IL

Company Story
After working in the financial sector for over a decade, Jamie Whirl decided to follow a calling to do more for the community and started Classy Cleanup Services. Her belief is that helping and serving the people who are most often overlooked in the community will bring positive change to poverty-stricken areas, which is why she hires the previously incarcerated and others from the community seeking rehabilitation through employment.

“I plan to use this grant to seek more people in the neighborhood in need of jobs in these trying times.”

Twann Wilkerson
Kool Treats by Mama Dukes     |    Miami, FL

Company Story
Kool Treats by Mama Dukes is a Black-owned small business located in Miami, Florida that specializes in Italian ice, açaí bowls, and kombucha. Kool Treats purchases their açaí from local vendors in Miami that specialize in creating a smooth fluid texture, while the kombucha is sourced and made from a family-based farm in Homestead, Florida. Kool Treats is dedicated to helping other small businesses in Florida, while also improving their own.

“This grant will be used for the maintenance of online platforms, payroll, and provision for assets to continue maintaining an efficient online delivery.”

Sterling Wise
The Wise Decision     |    Detroit, MI

Company Story
The Wise Decision is a health and fitness company that provides wellness and fitness training programs to people from all walks of life. The programs include open gym memberships, fitness training, group classes, nutrition coaching, youth fitness programs, strength, and conditioning programs for student-athletes, childhood obesity programs, and mental health programs.

“I will use this grant to pay rent, utilities, payroll, business debt, and other operating expenses that haven’t allowed for payment deferment during this time.”

Carlos Alves
President / Lead Artist
Carlos A Alves INC    |    Miami, FL


Company Story
Carlos started his post-college career with a free-flowing tile installation located on the floor & walls of the Art Center South Florida. The project eventually led to commissions by a number of public & private clients in the US, and from London to Hong Kong. Carlos works closely with wife and partner JC Carroll for 20+ years in all aspects of public art from concept, design to installation.

"This grant will help us to get through this COVID pandemic,  to breathe a little easier and allow us to hire assistant and pay overhead"

Apply for a Business for All Grant

To ensure Business for All, Hello Alice with the support of Verizon, Silicon Valley Bank, Ebay Foundation, UBS, Visible, and Stacy’s Rise Project offered $10,000 emergency grants to small business owners impacted by the pandemic. We are proud to be distributing over $1.5 million in funds to 154 awardees of the COVID-19 Business for All Emergency Grant, which has closed for applications. Owners can now submit for the general Business for All program, which offers exclusive mentorship opportunities and grants of up to $50,000 to support long-term business growth. Applications are open through September 25, and recipients will be announced later this fall.

Learn more about how grants are awarded and the opportunities for Hispanic business owners.


Funding and support
generously provided by

Round 4 Grant Recipients

Yoichi Ahzzma
Managing Partner
Ahzzma CPA    |    Tacoma, WA

Company Story
Ahzzma is a licensed CPA firm that provides services exclusively to a niche industry — tribal governments. The firm specializes in federal grants and focuses on governmental auditing, including consulting on financial policies, indirect cost rate proposal work, tribal enterprise auditing, single audit, and implementation of e-learning systems. As a 100% minority-owned firm, they consider cultural understanding just as important as technical understanding.

"This grant gives us the flexibility to serve clients who might not be able to pay us, which in a perfect world should be a CPA's most important client."

Mario Anton
Anton Acero Beauty Studio    |    Coral Gables, FL

Company Story
Anton Acero Beauty Studio is a team of trained professionals specializing in hair services, makeup, and outstanding customer service. Oswaldo Acero and Mario Anton, business partners and members of the LGBTQ+ community opened the salon in 2010 and pride themselves on giving customers a beauty experience with a modern and glamorous touch.

"This grant keeps us from running out of capital while customers gain the confidence to return to our business."

Laura Blaire
BuildZig    |    Oakland, CA

Company Story
BuildZig offers real estate development services like site assessments, planning and design, construction management, project management, and permit procurement to homeowners in California’s East Bay. Their current focus is on assisting homeowners to build accessory dwelling units to create equity and add additional housing to the area.

"This grant allows us to re-mobilize our efforts to engage staff and continue to support the creation of additional housing in the Bay Area."

Michele Bottone
The Clean Up Crew    |    Greenville, TX

Company Story
The Clean Up Crew is a woman-owned construction site cleaning company founded in 2007. The business has survived dire economic downturns before, and now during the pandemic, their service is integral to the owners being health certified for opening. The team has also been very active in offering COVID-19 cleanings for grocery stores affected by the pandemic.

"This grant will allow me to purchase and incorporate the tools that are being developed daily in the fight against this invisible assailant. The standards of cleaning are evolving daily and it is essential to adapt to the new standards."

Elena Castaneda
Happy Kids Co.    |    Reisterstown, MD

Company Story
Happy Kids Co is a modern children's boutique in Reisterstown, Maryland, that carries a variety of hand-made goods from other small, mom-owned businesses in the U.S. Owner Elena Castaneda’s goal is to support working mothers by employing them and allowing them to also bring their kids to work.

"This grant will be a tremendous help in covering monthly expenses/overhead costs, allowing me to continue to create new items and focus on our next business move, without the constant worry of paying the bills."

Kylie Chaffin
Brave Counseling Services   |    Spokane, WA

Company Story
Kylie Chaffin is a licensed mental health counselor who provides counseling services primarily to women during and after pregnancy. These services include helping women who are experiencing perinatal mood disorders by finding resources and developing coping skills to help them in motherhood. For the last several months, Chaffin has been working to expand her services by hiring additional therapists to provide more services to underserved populations.

Geoff Chaney
Off Day Trainer Inc.    |    San Luis Obispo, CA

Company Story
Off Day Trainer provides intelligent text messages to help gyms and fitness professionals continue to train their clients from a distance. The system comes pre-configured with templates, pre-written content, and automation workflows. One of its main products is the 30-Day "Get Up and Move" challenge program for trainers to promote to their clients.

"This grant will be used to generate new sales leads, adapt our brand to the changing needs of the industry and grow our corporate fitness programming division."

Jennifer Chin
Town Dentistry   |    Pearl River, NY

Company Story
Town Dentistry is a small dental practice offering restorative and cosmetic dental services to meet the needs of the whole family. Owner Jennifer Chin is taking good care of the health and safety of her patients and staff, and has spent more than $10,000 of her own personal savings to buy PPE.

"This grant helps fund our safety protocol.  I added equipment to help decrease aerosol in each operatory, UV lights, and barriers."

Amira Crawford
MA Therapy   |    New York, NY

Company Story
MA Therapy is a practice of six therapists who understand the importance of providing accessible anti-racist, racially affirming psychotherapy to people of color. While the general cost for a therapy session in New York City ranges between $125-$200, MA Therapy’s providers see clients for $50-$125 per session. The majority of clients represent underserved populations, whether Black, Latinx, domestic violence survivors, women, and disabled individuals.

"This grant will allow us to continue to offer free and reduced services to clients, we can also support our staff!"

Joan Dans
Carasmatic Productions   |    Los Angeles, CA

Company Story
Carasmatic Productions is a multilingual voiceover production company serving the needs of non-English speakers in over 150 languages. They localize (translate, voice, and subtitle) materials including videos, documents, telephony audio, PSAs, commercials, and more. Carismatic’s company motto is: "There's no traffic on the extra mile."

"This grant will help ensure all of our voice talents and translators get paid in a timely manner, first and foremost. Recently we're finding that customer receivables are lagging, but we always pay our talent even if we haven't been paid yet!"

LaToya Darden
2T Tickets   |    Houston, TX

Company Story
2T Tickets provides online ticketing and point of sale systems to historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) in the Southwestern Athletic Conference. Its mission is to increase the exposure of HBCUs by supporting them with technology and branded apparel. Due to COVID-19, 2T Tickets has pivoted to offer PPE supplies. 

"This grant enables my business to stay afloat during these uncertain times while still fulfilling our mission. Hello Alice has provided the breathing room to pivot with success."

Michelle DeJohnette
Village Kids Family Childcare  |    San Diego, CA

Company Story
Village Kids Family Child Care is a home child care facility serving children and families in a diverse, low-income San Diego community for over 22 years. It educates and cares for children from birth to school age in an anti-bias/anti-racist environment while parents attend work or school. They also provide resources and support for those who are navigating parenting issues and may have questions about their child's developmental milestones.

"The grant will help with overhead and payroll while we have low enrollment."

Eman Desouky
Super Juiced  |    Oakland, CA

Company Story
Super Juiced is a family-run, queer, Black-owned business offering organic nourishing foods to the Oakland community. Super Juiced is dedicated to ending the lack of healthy food options by offering fruit and vegetable juices, organic superfood smoothies, healthy breakfast options, nourishing house-made nut milks, light organic produce offerings, and an intentionally curated apothecary of goods from local herbalists.

"This grant helps us keep everyone employed since business has been devastated by the pandemic." 

Alba Gomez
A Loving Place  |    Hialeah, FL

Company Story
A Loving Place is an assisted living community operating for more than 25 years in Hialeah, Florida, that supports daily living needs such as ambulatory assistance, transfers, bathing, diaper changes, administering of medications, and more. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the team has been working overtime to sanitize the facility, connect their senior residents with their families via iPhone or tablets, and provide emotional support.

"I am going to use this grant to be able to keep my business running correctly and safely."

Son Young-Jung
Yei San Jib Restaurant  |    Rowland Heights, CA

Company Story
Son Young-Jung, a first-generation Korean immigrant, opened Yei San Jin Restaurant as a way to cast away feelings of homesickness and bring people together. To Young-Jung, food can become a bridge between those who have journeyed far away from home. Each dish is filled with heartfelt memories of the owner’s mother’s cooking.

"This grant will help me continue to serve a heartfelt meal to my customers as I will be able to keep my rent current despite the loss in sales."

Kaci Kai
Krav Maga ATX  |    Austin, TX

Company Story
Krav Maga ATX is co-owned by six instructors and teaches hands-on self-defense to a diverse community of women, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and those with all types of political beliefs. People come for the self-defense but stay because of the tight-knit, body-positive community. Pre-COVID, the team-taught 20 classes per week. Currently, they’re teaching limited in-person classes and a few virtual classes.

"This grant helps us cover rent and utilities and make up the difference for all those who have lost their jobs and needed to put their account on hold."

Kristin Kitchen
Sojourn Heritage Accommodations  |    Miami, FL

Company Story
Sojourn Heritage is a new boutique hotel brand focused on African American history and culture. Founder and CEO Kristin Kitchen, along with her team, renovate historically relevant buildings in Black communities being heavily gentrified to tell cultural stories and empower residents and neighboring businesses. Their business has been able to support existing — or help create — new entrepreneurs by hiring services from local residents.

"We will be purchasing supplies for guests to use to maintain their benefits, apply for benefits or communicate with family while in quarantine."

Vernon Logan
Managing Partner
Logan Ventures  |    Macon, GA

Company Story
Logan Ventures is a business consulting company that provides clients with information, tools, and research to create actionable plans with tangible results. They provide assistance and planning businesses through services like capital deployment, project management, business analysis, branding and promotion, graphic/web design, social media management, security and analysis, research, and customer relations strategy.

"This grant will be part of the additional fuel we need to stay top of mind with our current customers and improve our odds of getting new business."

Desarae Marhofer
Owner / Director
Beautiful You Skincare Academy  |    Pueblo, CO

Company Story
Beautiful You is a small private beauty school, focused solely on providing skin care/esthetics training for its students. The owner prefers a very small and intimate learning environment, with only eight students per session. Beautiful You also has a professional spa where they offer skin care/esthetics services to the general public to enhance its students and licensed esthetician’s hands-on skills.

"This grant will give me some breathing room and help me to meet our day to day operating expenses, specifically our payroll costs."

Meg McNeill
MISCellaneous Distillery  |    Mount Airy, MD

Company Story
MISCellaneous Distillery is a family-owned business making award-winning spirits using locally sourced inputs, including grain grown at a friend's farm that is milled at the distillery’s own water-powered grist mill from the 1800s. Just three years after opening, the distillery’s offerings include rum, rye whisky, bourbon, and gin packaged with labels that feature artwork by local artists. 

"This grant will help our team pivot to make the most of new opportunities in today’s challenging environment."

Abdirahim Mohamed
MISCellaneous Distillery  |    Minneapolis, MN

Company Story
AM Courier partners with local companies to expedite delivery operations in the state of Minnesota. Before COVID, the team had two box trucks; now, one is lost and the other requires repairs. The Hello Alice COVID-19 Emergency Grant will help them afford repairs and grow to include five box trucks within the next two years. 

"We plan to use this grant to cover some of our expenses and to help with the purchase of our second vehicle."

Muddassir Mohiuddin
Owner / Founder
Therapy At Home  |   Greendale, WI

Company Story
Therapy at Home’s main goal is to help senior citizens maintain their independence and improve their overall quality of life through physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Patients range from completely independent to those who require assistance with daily tasks. The team works individually with each client to understand their unique needs.

"This grant will help usopen back up safely, with proper PPE, precautions, and education."

Angela Mook
Co-founder & Executive Director 
Alcea Surrogacy  |   Dallas, TX

Company Story
Alcea Surrogacy is a female-owned and operated holistic fertility collective for families looking to grow via surrogacy, egg donation, and sperm donation. Featuring a team of social workers, surrogates, prenatal yoga teachers, doulas, chiropractors, and more, Alcea’s company culture is focused on prioritizing BIPOC representation in regard to clients, affiliates, surrogates, donors, and staff. 

"This grant will allow Alcea to purchase some much-needed technology that will allow for us to work more effectively in a remote capacity."

Jeannette Mott
Vice President / Owner
Butcherman's Gourmet Sausage  |   Royse City, TX

Company Story
Butcherman’s is a family-owned business in Royse City, Texas, providing fresh-cut black angus steaks, $5 smoked chicken, and what it's best known for: gourmet sausages. The family prides itself on the quality of their meat and customer service. Additionally, the business is very involved in the local community by assisting first responders, supporting the local FFA, and donating food to families in need. 

"This grant will allow us to make a larger retail space for our fantastic customers & POS system."

Cory Nicolas
Partner / Owner
Family Tree Project  |   Kapolei, HI

Company Story
Family Tree Project provides mental health services to at-risk youth, ages 16-18, and their families by partnering with Hawaii National Guard Youth Challenge Academy and the City and County of Honolulu Youth Services. FTP does not turn anyone away, regardless of ability to pay or health insurance status.

"This grant will allow me to sustain my payroll for another 3 months."

Blanca Ortiz
Owner / Managing Member
Chamango Mexican Snacks  |   Las Vegas, NV

Company Story
The concept behind Chamango Mexican Snacks, established in 2016 by Bianca Ortiz, is to bring fresh and tasty snacks to the North Las Vegas community. The shop sells a variety of food and snacks such as Mexican corn, fruit cups, ice cream, nachos, Tostilocos, fresh-pressed juices, and sweet and savory crepes. During COVID, Ortiz was forced to close before reopening to offer take-out and deliveries.

"This grant will help pay our credit cards, and help start a small marketing campaign on social media."

Christine Polito
Oku Education  |   Fountain Valley, CA

Company Story
Oku Education is a learning center for homeschooled children that helps round out their education by giving them a place to socialize and learn social-emotional skills. Oku Education has grown its community from a 15-person program to serving almost 90 children. During COVID, in-person classes are canceled, and the team has transitioned the campus into a completely virtual platform. 

"This grant will help our small program get outfitted with technology to teach virtually, and it will help us to get curriculum that is tailored to fit a virtual environment."

David Sanchez
Estudio Yada  |   Chicago, IL

Company Story
Estudio Yada is a multimedia digital consulting agency working with education nonprofits and tech companies across the U.S. The company was founded by David Sanchez, is run by creatives, and operates without executive overhead to allow artists to focus on the latest trends, experiment with new tech, and give special care to clients.

"This grant will help us upgrade some equipment, bring back a couple of contractors, push our branding forward and we'll continue forward from there."

Paula Stewart & Christine Grant
Estudio Yada  |   Cambria Heights, NY

Company Story
Occupational Therapy For Kidz (OT For Kidz) is the only Black-owned occupational therapy facility in South Queens, New York. Its therapeutic services help improve various developmental issues in children, so they can thrive physically, socially, emotionally and academically. During the pandemic, the facility is closed until further notice, but will continue to offer teletherapy OT services and consultations. 

"This grant will help keep our doors open so that we can continue to serve children and families in need of our services."

Joe & Celia Ward-Wallace
South LA Cafe  |   Los Angeles, CA

Company Story
South LA Cafe is a Black-owned community coffee shop, cultural center, and market in the heart of South-Central Los Angeles. Aside from offering healthy and affordable options for coffee, tea, soups, salads, and sandwiches, the cafe serves as a cultural hub that regularly hosts book readings, art shows, workshops, and more.

"This grant will allow our business not only to survive but thrive during COVID-19. We will be able to increase our service and impact to those who are the most vulnerable in our community, and take care of our people."

Round 5 Grant Recipients

Ruth Andrew
Pinch Me Gastrobar    |     Miami, FL

Company Story
Pinch Me Gastrobar is a small neighborhood restaurant opened in 2014 specializing in “pinch-me’s” or “tablas” made of cured meats, cheeses, dried fruits, and plenty of bread — an authentic and conceptual dining based on Basque fine cuisine. The backyard patio serves as a venue in which to host special events, such as weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, office parties, and more. 

"This grant will be used for “payroll first and maybe, if there is some left over, marketing.”

Thereasa Black
Amore Congelato    |     Arlington, VA

Company Story
Amore Congelato serves up healthy, artisan gelatos using dates as a star-ingredient. Veteran Thereasa Black started the company after realizing that deployment and 80-hour weeks as an attorney were no longer an option. Thereasa, who had left for deployment before her daughter’s second birthday, decided to start a business as a promise to never leave her daughter's side.

"This grant will be used to pay our store rent and employees and begin selling our unique cane-sugar-free chocolate bars."

Karneisha Christian
CEO / Creative Director
Pucker Up Lemonade Company    |     Carson, CA

Company Story
Pucker Up Lemonade Company offers handcrafted lemonades with over 40 flavors. Founded in 2011, the company provides beverage catering services for corporate and community events. A self-described creative, Karneisha has coupled a distinct brand identity with the quintessential lemonade stand to open the doors of a brick and mortar in her hometown of Compton, CA.

“We're hitting the road with the Pucker Up Lemonade Co. food truck. This grant will be pivotal in our sustainability and expansion.”

Cassandre Davilmar
Lakou Cafe     |     Carson, CA

Company Story
Lakou Cafe is a Haitian-American cafe and event space. In Haitian creole, “Lakou” is the space where the community gathers, and in Brooklyn it is where the community gathers for coffee, teas, smoothies, sandwiches, salads, baked goods, and more. Lakou also regularly offers workshops, movie nights, open mic nights, and art shows. 

“Most of our earnings go to the business: wages, supplies, and providing goods and space for the community. Your grant will continue to make that possible.”

Yvonne Flores
Westcliff Properties     |     Santa Ana, CA

Company Story
Westcliff Properties specializes in long-term leasing and management of single family homes, multi-family, and mixed use properties with an emphasis on technology and customer service.  They also offer live scan fingerprinting, virtual tours and floorplans, DTSA house cleaning services, recording services, VIN verification DMV registration, DMV license plates, passport photos, and mobile notary public services.

“The grant will help us buy the much needed equipment to adapt to COVID-19 social distancing requirements.”

Amanda Gourlie
Owner / Director of Business Development
The Vet Chef     |     Bothell, VA

Company Story
After speaking on panels about reintegrating active duty service members into the workforce, Chef Amanda Gourlie realized the significant need for employment opportunities where veterans and their family members could ease their way back into civilian life. The Vet Chef was created in 2015 with the mission to establish a brand of food trucks and restaurants owned, operated, and managed by veterans and their family members.

“This grant allows us to expand in order to get more opportunities for mentoring and ownership to other veterans and their family members.”

Gala Guerrero
WL4K     |     Charleston, SC

Company Story
WL4K — or World Languages 4 Kids — offers Spanish classes for children and adults with full immersion programs for children, Spanish class for homeschooled students, and tutoring for elementary, high school, and college students. They also offer ESL programs, summer camps, afterschool programs, and adult classes for private companies and professionals.

"This money will go towards connecting our business to our clients, getting our name out there, and working on our web and media presence."

Anika Godwin Hilderbrand
Founder / CEO
OpulenceMD Beauty     |     Greensboro, NC

Company Story
OpulenceMD is a luxury beauty brand offering magnetic lashes. As a board-certified eye surgeon, founder Anika Godwin Hilderbrand started the line to offer high-end beauty solutions with eye safety at the forefront.

“This grant will allow me to complete the development of a flesh tone magnetic liner that will be easy for all to use."

Mimi Johnson
Founder / CEO
The Glamatory     |     Smyrna, GA

Company Story
The Glamatory was founded in 2014 by Mimi Johnson, a celebrity makeup artist and entrepreneur with a lifelong dream of helping other women look and feel their best. With it's vegan- and cruelty-free makeup and a powerhouse lineup of some of the most exciting talent in the industry, this young and ambitious brand is consciously beautifying the world, one client and product at a time.

“I plan to expand my product offerings with new and exciting products. More clean and inclusive beauty is on its way!”

Angela Ketah
Sitkah Flowers & The Chocolate Moose     |     Sitka, AK

Company Story
Sitka Flowers & The Chocolate Moose is a unique chocolate and flower shop located on the charming main street of downtown Sitka, Alaska. Owner Angela Ketah has dedicated herself to the business, focusing on excellent customer service and quality products. With growth and sustainability at the forefront of her business mindset, Angela began producing her chocolate locally using high quality and locally sourced flavors and ingredients.

“I plan to hire a professional to overhaul our website and increase our pre-packaged product options to make the shopping experience as simple as possible.”

Arielle Loren Palmer
100K Incubator     |     Miami, FL

Company Story
100K Incubator is the first business funding mobile app for women. Since its beta launch in 2018, 100K has expanded to support local government agencies and corporations in their women and minority-owned small business efforts. The team has worked to aid Black women's small businesses through COVID-19, helping them access funding and transition to digital sales through Facebook and Google ad technology.

“I plan to hire a professional to overhaul our website and increase our pre-packaged product options to make the shopping experience as simple as possible.”